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We buy houses in any condition in Greenville. You’ve seen the signs along the roads in Greenville, SC with investors proclaiming they buy any house no matter the condition it may be in. However, do they really buy any house especially when they have serious issues such as termite-infestation? flooded? fire damaged? bad foundations? SC Home Offer doesn’t just say that we buy homes no matter the condition, we want to show you!

We have recently recorded a video walkthrough of one of our newest home purchases in the Greenville area. This home has had severe ‘fire damage” and will need complete fire damage restoration. Most of the article text beneath this video is the actual transcript from the video.

This House in Greenville Was Severely Damaged By Fire

SC Home Offer Firehouse Rebuild in Greenville SC

Hey, I am Brad Schebs,  I am the project manager for SC Home Offer and today we’re gonna take you on a tour through what we call the firehouse and kind of just give you an overview of what we’ll do and the kind of changes that will be made to this house. So follow me!   

So as you come into the house here see this is the current living room which will stay the same but will be updated. The wall here with the old fireplace in the mantel will be removed so that’ll be a nice open concept. Behind that, we will put the kitchen in which will give us a nice L shaped kitchen around the wall.

Behind me here we have kind of an old just living general living space here we’re going to bring this wall that you currently see on the right we’re gonna bring that in just to that window and make a nice little office there. Follow me here.

We will run the wall alongside the window to make an office

So here you have that space right here that’s gonna be taking out all that’s positive space we will be taken out and then the kitchen counter and that will be running back over here on the wall.

Then as we come here the doorway currently is a little bit off the wall. We will slide this doorway back here to a little hallway so that one really comes through.  We would have a hallway that goes directly back to the laundry room.

And then behind me here this will actually be enclosed over here will be a bedroom so this wall is gonna get pushed back with bedroom here. On this side of the house is where we will put a bathroom and the master closet will go here.

Then down the hallway, we will come and to what was the original kitchen close to where there was a lot of fire damage here.  Right here we’re going to create a doorway where we’ll have our second bathroom. Over here they’ll be another door going to a bedroom over here. As you can see, this one’s going to take a lot of work. This bathroom has been burnt completely out. The fire started in this area over here in the electric panel which is right on the corner.

This was the kitchen area of the house as the fire started toward the left in an electric panel

But when this is done this will be a nice bedroom here.  And then right behind us will be a third bedroom. Through this door which will be going to the exterior. There’s a little back porch we’re going to frame in. The back porch that will become our laundry room/bedroom so that way it’s kind of like keeping all the dirt back to the back of the house. 

This will turn into a nice house once completed. It will be about 1400 square feet all as far as what’s considered heated space. It’s in a perfect neighborhood half-mile from Century Park.

Thank you for beginning the journey with us on the Firehouse.  We will keep updates on the progress weekly for you. Make sure to hit the “Subscribe” and “Like” buttons if you enjoyed what you have seen so far.  

We Are Real Home Buyers in Greenville

SC Home Offer will buy any house, mobile home, land and other types of real estate throughout Greenville and South Carolina. As you have seen from the video above when we say we will buy houses in any condition. you know we mean it.

Reach out to us today if you have a property you would like to sell or if you have questions about our home buying process. SC Home Offer is based right here in Greenville, South Carolina and we are here if you need us.

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